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Umami, the core fifth taste that eludes definition in the English language, is often described as “savoury” or “broth-like.” We, at Umami10, opt to embody its closest definition in the Japanese language - the essence of deliciousness.

Our contemporary yet authentic approach to European-influenced Japanese cuisine is designed to heighten the essence of umami ingredients such as shellfish, mushrooms, and a variety of cheeses while embracing the intrinsic complexities of traditional Japanese and European dishes and accentuating these with refreshing twists.


We believe a convivial atmosphere heightens the enjoyment of food, hence an open kitchen bar that allows you to form a connection with our chefs while you savour their culinary creations with your own friends and family.



Our belief in aesthetics and the power of communities has inspired us to support talented artists in the Singapore community. We feel honoured to have the creations of both established and emerging artists adorn our premises. If any of these works speak to you, feel free to ask us how you can contact the artists to purchase their pieces.

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