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Savour an elevated European-influenced Japanese epicurean experience in this Yoshoku Sakaya presenting a heady mix of elegant cuisine served tapas-style and award-winning sakes in a convivial atmosphere that binds people.

We aim to be your home away from home, a comforting refuge where we stand ready to serve you as we
would our own family and lifelong friends.

Food and Drinks

Explore Umami10’s specially curated European-influenced Japanese menu that promises an exceptional epicurean experience.



The finest imported craft varieties of sake accentuate the finer elements of our cuisine. Among these, are award-winning varieties with a range of inviting fragrances, flavours and textures.





Monday - Friday    



: 11:30am - 2:30pm, 5:30pm -11:00pm
: 5:30pm - 11:00pm

: Closed

163 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068616

Nearest parking: The CLIFT at 21 Mccallum Street S069047

+65 6513 5789

WhatsApp us at +65 9475 1611


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Beautiful interior of this Japanese restaurant really brings out the full flavour of the food served here. Overcome with curiosity, we ordered quite a few items for dinner. Initially we thought we were not going to finish our food but we ended up ordering more cos the food is simply delicious and stunning in its presentations. In our opinion, we had the best oysters here - Hyogo oysters. We enjoyed every item we ordered but special mention for - Pork Presa, Tuna Ceviche and Good Charcoal Karaage. And we ordered a bottle of sake available exclusively - Hanayuki Junmai Ginjo a premium sake from Kumamoto prefecture Japan.
Awesome food, artistic interior and amazing company! What more? Will certainly come back for more!

Ben Cho

I've been here multiple times and always enjoyed my experience! The service is fantastic and food is always on point, well-executed Japanese-European fusion. Some of my favorite dishes I always recommend people I bring here include the tsukune, buta kakuni and ebi tempura. When I came for dinner, the sake recommendations based on my taste profile were also very good.

Heather Lim

Had an amazing dinner at Umami 10, every single dish we ordered was top notch. The staff went above and beyond to make our little celebratory dinner special. We especially loved the wagyu beef, pork belly and garlic fried rice. Must haves at Umami 10!

Natasha Kwek

My husband and I instantly fell in love with this restaurant after our dinner. Firstly, the server was friendly and full of energy. Secondly, the standard of the food is very high. Our favorite dish was the truffle Titan tofu. The sauce was unique while being addictive. The duck confit and scallop cappacio were close runner up. The fried chicken was nice but nothing special. Overall, the price is right with generous portion. Would definitely come back again!

Shelby Ko

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