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Our Chef


Chef-owner, Mark Tay

Mark is armed with more than 30 years of culinary experience spanning Japanese, Italian and French cuisine.


Mark's culinary prowess in the realm of Japanese cuisine has earned him local and international accolades. In 2013, he was lauded as one of only two Singaporean finalists at the inaugural Washoku World Challenge.

Over the years, he has also had the privilege of curating bespoke dining experiences for dignitaries and artistes in countries such as Chile, Shanghai and Singapore.

Umami10 is the embodiment of his dream of bringing refined and innovative tastes and techniques to the table in an unintimidating and relaxed setting.

His roots in gastronomy go all the way back to childhood when he experienced visceral delight while helping to cook (and of course, taste) meals in the family kitchen with his mother and grandmother.

Mark realised early on that in order to fully experience the flavours of the world, travel would be necessary. Having come from a humble background, he didn’t have the means to travel widely, but foresaw that a career as a chef could facilitate such opportunities. This strengthened his resolve to make studying and creating culinary treasures his raison d’etre.

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